Guilherme Bernstein

Piano Works

    Fabio Luz performs short piano pieces by Guilherme Bernstein
Capa CD Noturnos Tropicais

    Sonata n.1
Sonata n.1 sample cover

    Sonata n.2
A three-movement sonata premiered by Fabio Witkowski at Trinity College, Hartford CT, US, 1995.
Sonata n.2 - cover

      (excerpts from the premiere)

    Sonata n.3
A Sonata in the form of an original theme and variations. Premiered by Tamara Ujakova at the
XV Bienalle of Brazilian Contemporary Music, Rio de Janeiro, 2003. Duration: c. 10 min.
Sonata n.3 - cover

    Sonata n.4
In two movements. Duration: c. 9 min.
Sonata n.4 sample cover

Durval Cesetti performs Sonata n.4

    Sonatinas - series I & II
Short pieces of neoclassical inspiration. Series I premiered by Guilherme Bernstein at Centro Cultural Musicativa,
Rio de Janeiro, 1998. Duration: c. 12.min.

Interpreted by Fabio Luz in the  album "Noturnos Tropicais"
Sonatinas I  cover
Sonatinas I  cover
Sonatinas II  cover

Sonatinas - serie I for sale on SMP Press

    Noturnos Tropicais (Tropical Nocturnes) - series I
Five short pieces of tropical melancholy.

Interpreted by Fabio Luz in the  album "Noturnos Tropicais"
Noturnos sample cover
Noturnos Tropicais  cover

Noturnos Tropicias for sale on SMP Press

Six short pieces inspired by the Brazilian popular piano music of the Belle Époque.

Listen to Fabio Luz performing three Chôros in the  album "Noturnos Tropicais".

Chôros cover
Chôros cover
Chôros 2 pianos cover

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Fabio Luz plays "Boa Noite com um Beijo"

    3 Waltzes from older times     Mar da Barra
Valsas sample cover
Mar da Barra cover

    Preludes I & II
Short pieces written for the Ituiutaba Piano Competition 2022
Preludes I for begginers, Preludes II for little and medium difficulty
Prelúdios I sample cover
Prelúdios II cover

    a quatro măos (Four Hands)
Six pieces for piano 4 hands, in increasing difficulty
written for the Ituiutaba Piano Competition 2022
a quatro măos I sample cover

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